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Buy the best combo offer with Flowers & perfumes in one bouquet. An arranged bouquet of Flower scents that satisfy every need the customer has.

Flower District shops have a new way to introduce their commitment to the customer’s needs. Flower District has combined flowers with things to make its bouquets more luxurious and more satisfying.

You do not have to worry about the gifts you want to get when you have any occasion ahead. Whether the occasion was a wedding, a birthday party, or a graduation party, all you have to do is t go into our online shop and look up our combo gifts and offers.

Our combo offers range from flowers to dry fruits. How is that! it is simple, we arrange flower bouquets, and we add another gift with the bouquets. For instance; Flowers & Perfumes, Flowers & Watches, Flowers & Dry Fruits.

If you ordered flowers and watches you will have the chance to get branded watches of Juvenis or Fabian with flowers of your choice. Moreover, if you want to get a nice gift or you care about your health or your lover’s health, you can look for the flowers & dry fruits combo offer which includes a wide range of dry fruits ranging from strawberries to figs.

But the most exquisite gift is to buy flowers and perfumes combined. You can choose between oud perfumes, home fragrances, body lotion, Bukhoor, Dukhoon, and oud.

You can enjoy this great offer when you buy it from Flower District and get excited with flower scents and Flowers & Perfumes together.

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Flower Combo with Explorer Ultra Blue

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Dukhoon & Oud Mubakhar Combo with Flower

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Flower Combo with Rajwan Perfume

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Flower Combo with Maclain Absolute

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Flower Combo with Fabian Scents

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Flower Combo with Lencia Huddle

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Black Box Gift Set

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Gold Stand Gift Set

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Acrylic Bag Gift Set

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Acrylic Gift Set

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